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Agreement between “Kansai Energy Solutions (Vietnam)” and Lotte Vietnam
on Electricity Supply 21st FEB 2022

  Kansai Energy Solutions (Vietnam) Co. (K-ESV), a wholly owned subsidiary of Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.(KANSAI) has signed an electricity supply contract with Lotte Vietnam today.

KANSAI has been promoting efforts to meet the diverse needs of customers, such as energy saving, cost saving, and CO2 reduction, by proposing solutions for the construction and operation of optimal energy systems.KANSAI established K-ESV on DEC 2021 in order to develop energy services with PV system.

  K-ESV is Kansai’s second overseas subsidiary to propose solutions for energy use. This project is K-ESV’s first electricity supply project.
  Specifically, K-ESV will install solar panels on the roof of Lotte Vietnam Co. The generated power will be supplied to the plant. Lotte Vietnam will consume the power for 20 years.
The project will save Lotte Vietnam approximately 1,300 tons*1 of electricity per year. CO2 emissions are expected to be reduced.
  This project was adopted by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan in 2021 as a “bilateral credit system equipment subsidy project among financial support projects”
The project will be implemented in cooperation with the Vietnamese and Japanese governments.

  The KANSAI Group has been promoting CO2 emission reduction activities both in Japan and overseas as parts of its mid-term management plan, which includes the challenge of achieving zero carbon emissions. The Group will continue to contribute to the realization of a zero carbon society by providing a variety of services that meet the needs of its customers, leveraging the knowledge and expertise it has accumulated through these activities.

* The Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) reduces greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries through the introduction
 of excellent low-carbon technologies and infrastructure, and quantifies Japan’s contribution to the reduction.
 A system that is utilized to achieve the greenhouse gas reduction target in Japan by evaluating it in a positive manner.

【Outline of the project to supply electricity to Lotte Vietnam through a photovoltaic power generation system】

  ◆Installed capacity of solar panels, etc.
   Installed capacity of solar panels: 1.25 MW
   Electricity generated: approx. 1,600 MWh/year
   CO2 reduction: approx. 1,300 t-CO CO2/year

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