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    Since the trend of decarbonization raises concern all over the world, global companies want to reduce CO2 emissions of factories in Vietnam. Thus many customer request to reduce supply chain CO2 emissions. Because of this, many companies in Vietnam have to struggle with planning reduction of CO2 as soon as possible.

    Kansai Energy Solutions (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.(K-ESV) was established in December 2021 to solve the problems of such companies by Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc (KANSAI)

    Since KANSAI has a lot of experiences for low-carbon and energy saving activities in Japan, we can provide high-quality, environmentally friendly energy solutions.

    K-ESV will go along with customers to deal with challenges for carbon neutral.

    General Director  
    Mr. Ryujiro Ishihara

Solution Menu

K-ESV can offer a lot of services for decarbonization or saving energy costs.

  • On-site service

    This is a service in which Kansai Energy Solutions (Vietnam) install equipment on the customer’s premises and supply energy such as electricity and heat.

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  • Energy saving
    consulting service

    This is a service that propose energy-saving measures for equipment in the customer’s factory.

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  • I-REC service

    This is service is provided to customer in the form of “I-REC” (International Renewable Energy Certificate) by utilizing the mechanism for trading the environmental value of overseas renewable energy power generation.

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Kansai Energy Solutions (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. is 100% owned subsidiary of Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.
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